• Me !! The kitten

    Here is the humble story of the cuttest kitten , living on Earth or in the Universe .......Means ME !! 

    Chapitre 1


    ( as far as The Lord would have been concerned or silly enought to place as wonderfull spicies as US THE CATS on other planets )but that subject might be another story.

    From my birth I probably was snatched from my cat family, because an human family deseasperately needed my presence to illuminate their gloomy existence.

    C'est moi le chaton


    Obviously, WE, the cats are extreme reincarnations, beyond human being for instance (human mission seems to muck upinch of this earth).

    Je pense donc j'existe 

    So our vocation is to sacrify ourselves like martyrs to educate all this bunch of two legged stupid lumps.


    First disapointement : instead of being adopted by an Egyptian family - sublime nation devoted since the beginning of History to Felines - my lot was be dropped into..... A FRENCH FAMILY !!!!

    C'est moi le chaton


    The French call this disgusting mass "camembert" (and you wont believe it !! THEY EAT THAT!!!). It supposed to be a kind of slimy cheese.

    For instance, each country may have two or three kinds of cheese (for the kind of weird gourmets of each country).

    BUT, and this is a very good example to demonstrate how unnatural is this country, their vice was able to create almost 400 different kind of cheeses!!! What else can I say!!!!

    The french nickname in all over countries is "THE FROGGS" or "FROGGIES" (may be because they also really eat froggs).

    Je pense donc j'existe


    But even worse : they also love to eat snails: slobery mollusks they put in a pot for few weeks to kill them, then marinate them in boubtfull water for another week.


    Je pense donc j'existe


    Once properly cooked they look human buggars (I know what human buggars look like because, one teen living in my family is collecting them under his armrest in the living room).

    Je pense donc j'existe


    OK, all countries have strange food addiction.

    Americans, for instance, love to eat the meat coming from people of this german town called Hamburg.

    The Hamburgers (people coming from Hambourg) are innocently going to uncle Sam's country for tourism.

    Theses are Hamburgers before:

    Je pense donc j'existe


    And these are Hamburgers, but after!!

    Je pense donc j'existe



    Well, enought for today, I have to run and eat my grub, before the dog will swallow it.

    Then I might take a nap, because today I tryed all the sofas and the cushions of the whole house for a survey:

    Je pense donc j'existe



    Je pense donc j'existe


    C'est moi le chaton


    Now i feel too lazy to take a nap

    Je pense donc j'existe



  • Comments

    Monday 26th September 2011 at 22:33

    I am in love with your cat !!!

    Monday 26th September 2011 at 22:34

    How can you stand frogs ? 

    an english cat 

    Wednesday 19th October 2011 at 19:19

    Hi, hi, hi, hi!!!! extras les tribulations, la semaine prochaine verrons nous toute la famille chat réunie???

    Kate 22
    Wednesday 16th November 2011 at 22:08

    I love your art and your cat story.what paints do you use? really beautiful thank you. all the way from South Africa...

    Wednesday 23rd May 2012 at 15:48
    jeanne illenye

    Love your "Hamburgers Before" image...really puts a new perspective on things.  Of course your kitty is precious! Also love your art. Have always desired to paint abstract although I'm actually a realist painter.  Your work is inspirational, particularly when viewed within the room settings for which they are designed.

    Friday 25th May 2012 at 19:21

    This is so entertaining.  Beautiful cat. Hamburgers before and after made me laugh out loud. What a cute and unique blog idea. As a cat lover, I'm so glad I found this. 

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