• Man or woman

    There are two distincts kinds of humans, men and woman.

    I will began to describe the most pesty one : THE MAN.

     Man or woman 

    Men are different from woman, because at the end of their legs two enormous stinky aliens are stucked, these are called "feet", we hate them with Minou.

    Man or woman

















    Men dont realise that theses stinky parasites were transplanted on their bodies. I am trying to exterminate them since I was a baby kitten.

    Man or woman 












    but I didnt succed yet........ When the Man is not working, he takes during hours his position in front of a square box which is hurting our eyes.

     Man or woman












    The man loves to watch miniaturized humans who keep running on a green carpet, as fast as their legs can carry them, like us the cats running after a mouse.

    Warning, this is not a joke or a game, it is very very important thing called "soccer", sometimes the Man calls it "rugby".*

    When the carpet is brown, it is called "tennis" and when the humans in the box look much taller than usual, and are jumping and are taping away their ball on a shining floor, it is called "basket ball".

    Man or woman













    Then Men are mooing and are yelling for more beer.

    Personnaly, I take the Man for an usurpator, I already tried to murder him, by electrocution.

     Man or woman








    It worked on me.....

    But wasnt successfull on him...


    The woman is much more usefull , first I love her perfume (she loves everything coming from DIPTYQUE).

     Man or woman
















    And more than all, she reigns over a magical fairy tale land called "the kitchen", where food is always landing as by itself.

     Man or woman
















    Here is the famous kitchen, with my brother Minou, quietly sitting where he is not allowed to be : on the table.

    On the left side of this picture, you may notice a marvellous aluminium wardrobe. 

    This is one of the biggest mystery of humanity, Minou and I think this - by sure - is a divinity.

    It is called FRIDGE.

       Man or woman 
















    At any time, days and nights, humans are allowed to open it...then wonderful light is shinning all around them.


    Man or woman  















    Inside, one will find abundance of all kind of meat, cheese, delicatessen, fish, everything is always there.

    We, the cats, adulate this divinity, and worshiping it.

    To be fed, we just stand in front of it , and meow with distinction like "a little hungry kitten".

    The Woman automatiquely has pity and is feeding us with yummy surprises ( prociutto,salmon,foie gras.... )

    On the oposite when we meow in front of the man, he is automatiquely giving us a "kick in the pants"

    Unfortunately, instead of feeding us all the time, the Woman is spending most of her time in her atelier to still produce theses bloody paintings.....

    Man or woman

















    Man or woman


















    Man or woman
















    such a shame to waste time and gift cooking for such a pitifull result.

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    Thursday 10th November 2011 at 01:33

    This made me laugh out loud, more than once... especially when the kitty said she had tried to murder the man with electrocution...

    i will send this to my cat lover friend, she will laugh too!



    Friday 25th May 2012 at 19:40

    The attempted electrocution was hilarious. Especially loved the glowing eyes of kitty in the picture. Also, the man having different reaction to meowing in front of the fridge. Too funny.


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